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fine art – no detours

Artface is a ground-breaking and innovative network that creates an environment favourable to information exchange and art dealing without exposing the identity of the owner of the artwork or demanding any details about its price. Users can get in touch with each other without any intermediary and without any commission from Artface in the case of a successfully-established business relationship between users. Artface is happy to stimulate new art deals without profiting from them. All it asks for is a reasonable subscription fee. Artface is the counter model of an auction house. Where the auction house blocks any possibility of meeting the owner or seller of an artwork. Artface enables encounters between future business partners and art collectors. Where the auction house earns up to 25% on every art deal, Artface stays out of the deal.

Thus if you wish to get in touch with the future owner of your artwork and avoid sharing 25% of your gains with a third party, then Artface is your solution! Furthermore Artface provides practical and communications services on art: It offers a database for art and further databases for information on the purchase of art. Here users can find art experts, restorers, art photographers, shipping companies, art insurers, etc. Apart from the possibility of meeting the owner of an artwork in a private setting, artwork can be discussed publicly with other interested users in the forums. A meeting between users happen with a simple click on the images of an artwork. The personal exchange that develops from this click takes place in a private setting and can trigger whatever goal desired by the interlocutors, such as art deals, loans or information exchange. Artface provides the setting for meeting with total security and discretion.


  • guarantees the anonymity of the vendor or lender
  • allows price discretion
  • takes no commission on sales
  • provides the establishment of social relations that can result in all kinds of exchange (trade, lending, information)
  • provides a database of expertise (experts, lawyers, restorers)
  • helps you with its step-by-step process, guiding you when you wish to sell artwork

see how it works is a matchmaker. We bring together people looking for fine art and those who want to offer their precious paintings. Here’s how it works, step-by-step.

Upload a photo of your artwork. If you don’t have good photos, you can find a selection of specialized professional photographers on our website. If you wish, you can add a description of the artwork. Press enter and your offer will be visible and detectable by the search engine without showing any personal data.

Our search engines searches our database for artists’ names, periods and keywords in general.

Click on the image of the artwork and send a message to the owner. Owners will be notified via e-mail and can decide whether to accept or decline a contact request.

The deal is an entirely personal issue. Artface only provides the environment to find prospective buyers and supports the purchasing process. But all details of the deal remain up to personal negotiations between seller and buyer.


for sellers is a cutting-edge way to sell art in complete discretion. Users can upload photographs of artwork they wish to sell without appearing in person or with their name on the website, and without any need to give artwork an official price. Every detail of the offer is up to personal negotiation between sellers and buyers. The sellers will receive e-mail notifications from prospective buyers and can decide whether they accept or decline their request to get in touch with them. Once sellers and prospective buyers are in touch with each other they can negotiate the deal personally. All details of a potential art deal remain private. Furthermore the services provided by Artface do not not merely promote the artwork; sellers can also find support on the site, retrieving expertise from specialized art historians and experts, finding restorers and information on how to establish a condition report, provenance and enhanced presentation of their artwork. In case of a successful deal, no commission or fee on behalf of Artface is due.


for buyers proposes a growing database of artwork available for sale. Prospective buyers are invited to get directly in touch with the owners of the artworks, if there is interest, without having to go through any intermediary. One click on the artwork presented on the website and the prospective buyer can send a message to the owner. Sellers can thus respond directly and get in touch with the buyer personally, and the prospective buyer can find out everything about the artwork at first hand. Furthermore Artface helps to protect the buyer through its information databases. For example, it advises the buyer on how to enquire whether an artwork is legally owned by the seller, and how to protect oneself by law, providing the buyer with all services concerning the purchase of artwork such as a list of worldwide shipping and insurance companies.

for museums and art historians

for museums and art historians

Curators, art historians and museums can benefit from Artface by getting directly in touch with the owners of artwork. Via the search engine of the website they can discover all available artwork from a desired artist, period or style. One click on the artwork and they can send a message to get in touch with the owners. By personally interacting with the owners they can find out whether an artwork is available for loan or publication and whether it can be included in exhibitions and publications.

It costs you less than a good dinner with your family is very easy to use — and so is the pricing model. We only charge an annual subscription fee starting at € 150 which gives you

unlimited access to all available paintings and also allows you to offer for sale 10 paintings per year. If you have more to show you can upgrade your

subscription in order to offer more paintings per year. And that’s it! No more commission or fees involved. Just you and art.

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