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Artface is a ground-breaking service that enables people to sell, buy or lend fine art.

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Artface is a completely new way  to offer and buy fine art – discretely, directly, without fees.

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your home for fine art

Artface is a completely new way to offer and buy fine art – discretely, directly, without fees.

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it’s a win-win situation

Artface is a ground-breaking and innovative network that creates an environment favorable to the information exchange and art dealing without exposing the owner of the artwork‘s identity or demanding any details on the price of the artwork. Users can get in touch with each other without any intermediary and without request of commissions on behalf of Artface in case of a successfully established business relationship between Users. Artface is happy to stimulate new art deals without profiting from them. All it asks is a reasonable subscription fee.


for sellers

Artface offers prospective sellers the possibility of uploading photographs of artwork for sale without appearing in person or with their name on the website, and without any need to give the artwork an official price. Every detail of the offer is up to personal negotiation between sellers and buyers and remains discreet. Sellers will receive alerts by e-mail from prospective buyers and can decide whether they accept or decline their interest in a given item. Once in touch with each other, sellers and buyers can discuss the deal personally. Furthermore the services provided by Artface, help sellers to promote their artwork: Artface provides a list of experts / scholars, restorers and information on who to contact for a condition report, provenance or enhanced presentation of the artwork. If the deal is successful, no commission or fee on behalf of Artface is due.


for buyers

Artface proposes a growing database of artwork for sale. Prospective buyers are invited to get directly in touch with the owners of the artworks without having to pass through any intermediary. One click on the image of the artwork and the buyer can send a message to the owner. Thus the buyer can find out everything about the artwork at first hand. Furthermore, the services provided by Artface help to protect the buyer. Artface advises the buyer on how to enquire whether an artwork is legally owned by the seller and how to protect oneself by law, and it provides the buyer with all services concerning the purchase of artwork such as a list of worldwide shipping and insurance companies.

for museums and art historians

for museums and art historians

Curators, art historians and museums can benefit from Artface by getting directly in touch with the owners of artwork. Via the search engine of the website they can discover all available artwork from a desired artist, period or style. One click on the artwork and they can send a message to get in touch with the owners. Thus they can find out through personal exchange with the owners whether an artwork is available for loan or publication and whether it can be included in exhibitions and publications.

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